Tips to Choosing a Non-Denomination Minister for Your Wedding Day

Tips to Choosing a Non-Denomination Minister for Your Wedding Day

While the perfect cake, flowers and venue do a great deal to create the wedding of your dreams, picking out the right person to officiate the ceremony also matters. You wouldn’t want someone obnoxious to ruin the mood and solemnity of the wedding. Here’s how to find the non-denominational minister that’s right for you:

Ask around

Wedding Vendors are a great source to refer the best wedding officiants. Mine them for tips and suggestions. Got any referrals? Great. Follow up on those. If you’re lucky enough, you could find your future minister with no hassle.

Do your research

Go online and look for ministers in your area or near the wedding venue who fit the profile. This can net you a few names off the internet and help you narrow down your search.

Look for a package

Wedding packages often come with ministers. Give it a try. Just make sure you meet the officiant in advance. That way, you can decide whether s/he’s the right one or if you need to keep looking.


Don’t make a final decision until you’ve met the officiant in person. Emails and phone calls might be fine for talking out the details of the wedding. But there’s nothing like face to face interaction to give you a solid idea on whether you and your fiancé are comfortable with the minister or not. It’s essential that you find someone you and your fiancé are comfortable with, says the Huffington Post. You wouldn’t want just anyone officiating the ceremony on one of the most important days of your life. So make the choice count.

Respect on both sides

Find a non-denominational minister who’s respectful of your beliefs and wishes. In turn, make sure you accord the same respect to your minister. Treat them as a partner, rather than a vendor, in your marriage ceremony.

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