The Perfect Theme for your Sikh Wedding

The Perfect Theme for your Sikh Wedding

If you are planning the Sikh wedding of your dreams, you’ll want a wedding invitation that follows suit. The first step will be picking the theme for your special days. These are just a few popular themes for a Sikh wedding.

The Garden Theme
This theme is best for the summer months or for a warm location. If you love spending time outdoors, it only makes sense that your wedding would take place while surrounded in nature. With this theme natural beauty serves as the décor, leaving less work for you. For this theme utilize vines and trellises to provide for a fairytale theme. Oversized flower bouquets serve as the perfect table centerpieces. To add to the cozy feel, consider hanging twinkle lights. Candles and lanterns scattered throughout the wedding venue contribute to a romantic ambiance while being visually attractive.

The Circus Theme
Popular in Delhi, this theme is for those that love the magical feel of the circus. Some like to take the Alice in Wonderland angle with this option. To accomplish this feel, utilize bright colors and oversized decorations. To create the persona of Alice, consider tying blue bows to your guests’ chairs and using playing cards, clocks, and teacups to decorate.

The Vintage Wedding Theme
For those that are looking for a more traditional and elegant wedding theme, this is the perfect option. Incorporate the vintage feel in your wedding invitations by using old typefaces pale colors. An elegant flower choice such a Peonies or Roses will serve as the perfect centerpiece. As for jewelry, many like to go with pearls as they are associated with the old-timey wedding feel. Vintage mirrors, photographs, and lanterns are great décor options. Plus, these are likely things you already have which makes this wedding theme especially budget friendly.

Additional Tips for Selecting the Perfect Theme
Planning is key when choosing the perfect theme for your Sikh wedding. Not only will this help you stay on budget, but it will allow you to carry out the theme more cohesively if this is decided on early on. Sit down with your future spouse well in advance to discuss theme options to ensure it is fitting to both your personalities. Finally, figure out the time frame for your wedding planning process.

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