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How Using a Digital Flatbed Cutting Machine Can Help You Get More Clients

If you run a graphic design business, you are probably looking for ways to stay competitive. One idea may be to begin using wide-format inkjet prints. Yet, this is not a possibility if you don’t have access to a flatbed digital cutting machine. Find out what this type of cutter does, and why you need it to attract new clients. Expand the Type of Materials You Can Cut Digital flatbed cutters are the perfect choice for certain types of materials. Traditional cutters are not able to handle rigid materials like Di-bond aluminum. However, a digital flatbed model may be able to fill in the void. Many shops make use of these cutters for metals, textiles and plastics. This makes it possible to make signs of all sizes. If you are concerned that the thickness of your material may cause problems, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for more information. In most cases, you should not have problems cutting metal signage designs. The ability to create metal signs will help you expand your customer base. Increase Productivity A digital flatbed cutter works a lot faster than other types. Most models are fitted with a conveyer belt to speed up the manufacturing process. You can even find models that come with automated loading capabilities. Imagine how much of a productivity boost you would get by using these features. Access to a Wide Variety of Tools When you use a flatbed digital cutting machine, you’ll be able to use a wide variety of tools. Some of the fittings available for these cutters include: High-rotation routersV-cut toolsElectronic oscillating knivesKiss cut tool Each of these tools can be used with graphics software to create intricate designs. You’ll be able to get a lot more done and attract new clients. A Worthy Investment It can be a good idea to invest in new technology for your business. A flatbed digital cutter may be what you need to take your company to the next level. Like us on Facebook for more updates! Be the first to...
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Varnish Printer

When you think of varnishing, the common image that comes to mind is the application of a glossy coat over an old wardrobe or a table. However, apart from being used for furniture maintenance, varnish has also made strides into the digital publishing and printing world. Varnish is basically a thin liquid coating that must be applied just before an image is sent for printing or after it has been printed. The reason why varnishing is so important is because it helps protect the quality of the image and also ensures a fluid color reproduction on the surface. A varnish printer is necessary when printing such images. Here are a few important factors that you need to take into account when purchasing such a printer. Size Depending upon the size of the images that you print on a regular basis, the size of the varnish printer will also vary. If you are looking to make large format prints, you will obviously need to purchase a bigger printer. When you visit any company that specializes in selling large format printers and UV printing machines, you should ask them to give you a list of all of the different printers that they have available. This will make it easy for you to select a suitable model for your requirements. Printing Quality You will also need to check the printing quality of the printer before you buy one. These printers are quite expensive, so it’s important that you ask the company to show you some images that have been printed by that particular model of the varnish printer, before you buy it. When you purchase a new printer, you will also get a warranty and free servicing for a year or two, thus, providing you with the peace of mind that you need before buying it. Be the first to like. Like...
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Discover the Possibilities of Using a CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

When you are thinking about taking the next step in your engraving process, take some time to learn about the remarkable advantages of a CO2 laser engraving machine. This gives you a focused non-contact beam to produce the required marking, which is not only more accurate but produces less wear on your tooling equipment. Reduced Risk Efficiency in business of any kind is a major factor. This is definitely the case in the engraving, marking, and cutting field. Using a CO2 laser engraving machine gives you advantages such as directing the beam angle to those hard-to-reach sections and no toxic chemical by-products, making the process environmentally friendly. Marking speed is dramatically improved with the laser process as compared to classic engraving methods such as pantograph. When you decide to invest in a business-level CO2 laser engraving machine from one of the trusted suppliers in the industry, you have several options. Each product produces clean, concise marking that is permanent on most surfaces, giving you flexibility and versatility that you didn’t enjoy before. Visit the website to learn more about the 52”x 36” laser with CCD, the highly-rated metal/non-metal business-level laser, the 52” x 36” business-level CO2 laser, and more. Cost, Quality As time passed in the last few decades, commercial and industrial operations have benefitted from laser marking and engraving methods that deliver unmatched results at an attractive price. The process can now be used on almost any material type including precious metals, copper, titanium, alloys and plastics. As mentioned, one of the primary elements making this technology so popular is the ability to achieve great results with a non-contact process. If your operation needs to make the step toward the future that you’ve hesitated to put in place, you can get started with one phone call. Talk to a member of the team about the CO2 laser engraving machine that will be right for your requirements. Be the first to like. Like...
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