4 Ways to Choose a Veterinary Hospital

Provide your pet with the best care possible. Here’s how to choose a veterinary hospital in Germantown. Look for experienced vets It can be overwhelming to see the sea of choices out there. One way to pick out the hospital that’s best for you is to look for...

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What Are Safe Chews for Puppies?

Many owners of puppies want to buy the right food, treats and dog chews for their puppies. However, finding out what are safe chews for puppies can be a challenge. Asking your vet or breeder is a good start, and so is learning how to read labels and understand what to...

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Fun Facts About K9 Training in Texas

While everyone may know at least a few facts about dogs and their popularity as lovable pets, there are actually specific facts about police K9 dogs that are less well-known. Here are just a few to peruse before engaging in K9 Training in Texas. Ancient Times Even...

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