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Frequently Asked Questions About Opossum Removal In Columbus OH

If you have opossums on your property, even though these critters won’t hurt you, they may become a nuisance. When you contact a company that performs Opossum Removal in Columbus OH, a professional will humanely remove the nuisance animals for you. Below you’ll discover frequently asked questions about opossums on your property. Q.) How will a Wildlife control service remove the opossums? A.) After determining where the opossums frequently travel on your property, a professional will bait a trap and place it close to the determined area. Each day the trap will be checked by a professional who specializes in Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. When the opossums are caught in the trap, they’ll be relocated to a safe location. Q.) What are some measures that can be taken to prevent opossums from coming back on the property? A.) Opossums often crawl underneath decks or porches and to keep them away, you must block any entrances. Before securing any openings, make sure that you don’t trap any critters inside. If you have outside pets, don’t leave their food outside after dark because opossums will eat it and come back every night for more. Keep a secure lid on your outside trash can. Even though it’s unusual for an opossum to be able to knock over a trash can, if another animal pushes it over, the opossum will eat what’s on the ground. Q.) Do opossums spread the rabies virus? A.) If you surprise and scare an opossum, you’ll probably see the animal hiss and show a lot of teeth. This is the defensive mechanism of an opossum, along with playing dead, so it doesn’t mean that the animal is diseased. Opossums seldom carry rabies because they have a low body temperature and this prevents the rabies virus from staying alive. Although it’s very uncommon that you would ever get rabies from an opossum, if you want the animal removed from your property, call an expert who performs Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. is an experienced company that will remove nuisance animals from your property. Visit their website at for more information and to contact the company for humane animal removal. Be the first to like. Like...
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Animal Control in Reynoldsburg: Myths Surrounding Skunks Dispelled

Skunks are critters that scare many people. You can be sure that one tiny skunk can clear an entire yard in short order if they so choose. The first thing you will want to do if you find a skunk on your property is to call in Animal control in Reynoldsburg to perform Skunk removal for you. There are however, quite a few myths surrounding skunks as well. Read on for a few of the myths that need to be dispelled. Skunks Only Come Out at Night Many people believe that skunks only come out to roam at night. This is not true and animal control has been called in many times during the day to remove a skunk from someone’s property. It also is not true that a skunk that is seen during the day has rabies; it is possible for any skunk to have rabies, so it is best if you don’t try to catch one and have it claw or bite you. Skunks will Spray if You get to Close The truth is that skunks very rarely ever spray people. When they do spray, it is because they are going on the defensive and feel threatened. Skunks do not just walk up into people’s yards and spray them for the fun of it. A skunk usually only sprays if they are alarmed and feel that they must protect themselves. If you want to avoid being sprayed by a skunk you should make sure not to make loud noises, wave your arms or try to make yourself look bigger than you actually are. Tomato Juice will get rid of the Smell This is one of the biggest myths there is surrounding skunks. The only thing that the tomato juice does is make you smell like tomato juice. The smell of a skunk has to wear off. These are just a few of the myth surrounding skunks that you might want to think about the next time you run into one. Remember to call in Animal control in Reynoldsburg to take care of the skunk if you don’t want to smell like one for a few weeks to come. For more details, Contact The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. 1 person likes this post. Like...
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Benefits of Opossum Removal in Dublin OH

Opossums are harmful animals and you should be removed immediately they gain entry into your house or garden. Preventing them from coming near your house is even better. Some of these creatures are large weighing up to 20 pounds. They can cause damage on your house as they gain entry. The debris within your compound like unused cars, fallen trees, and other such materials can attract opossums. It is good that you keep your compound clean and with no hiding places for such animals like opossums. Failure to remove these creatures will cause a lot of damage which will be costly to repair. For instance, repairing damaged structures and treating pets infected with diseases and parasites can be costly. They pose threats to humans and their pets. Here are some of the advantages of getting rid of opossums in Dublin OH Damage of your garden Opossums are very unique animals which can feed on corn and poultry. They are risky because they can kill your birds like ducks and turkeys. Opossums are, therefore, harmful to crops and livestock. Livestock should be enclosed in an area not accessible by these animals. Opossums carry parasites and diseases Opossum removal in Dublin OH is crucial because these animals carry some parasitic organisms which can attack horses and other livestock. These parasites can bite and release poisonous substance that affects the nervous system of your livestock especially horses. One of the ways to keep opossums off is to cover food and grains in horse enclosures. The animals will not be attracted in such places because there is nothing to eat. It is costly to repair damaged structures The structures in your home are likely to be damaged as opossums gain entry. If the animals are not removed immediately, they will cause more damage. To repair damaged structures is costly because materials and labor have to be paid for. Treating infected pets and livestock is also costly. The only way to avoid these huge expenses is to ensure opossums are removed completely and have no access to your home in the future. The Wildlife Control Company has experts who are experienced in opossum removal in Dublin OH. They get rid of the opossums and other harmful wildlife from your compound and garden. They also advise you on how to prevent opossums from coming near your home in future. Click here to learn more about their services. Be the first to like. Like...
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