attached betweenShould People Consider Sprinkler System Repair in Boulder, CO?

attached betweenShould People Consider Sprinkler System Repair in Boulder, CO?

The survival of a garden or lawn depends on great irrigation. Many people do not realize how important Sprinkler System Repair Boulder CO truly is. Here are some tips to maintain your watering system and ensure your sprinklers last for years.

Automatic timer

Leaving a sprinkler open in the yard is a surefire way to create a host of unpleasant surprises, not to mention the effect this choice can have on a water bill. These headaches can be avoided by using automatic timers. The vast majority of automatic timers do not cost much and can be attached to the pipe and the outside tap. In fact, some high-end models can even water several areas.

Multi-outlet pipe fittings

Tired of having to stretch the garden hose from one side of the garden to the other? Wards Lawn Service states that a pipe fitting with multiple outlets can simplify a homeowner’s life greatly. These inexpensive accessories will allow people to connect two or more pipes to a single tap with separate stop controls for each. This means they do not have to constantly move the nozzles from one place to the next. Cheap plastic pipe fittings cost only a few dollars, but the best ones are zinc- or brass-plated, will not rust, and will not get stuck on the tap. The only way to truly ensure a sprinkler system is working properly is to find reliable Sprinkler System Repair in Boulder CO.


Many plants have been crushed or ruined by people carrying water cans and water hoses around their yard. Protect flowers and vegetables by placing permanent bumpers on the outside corners of the garden. Simply plant branches or wooden stakes in the ground and cover them with a short piece of PVC pipe.

If winter temperatures fall below zero where you live, which is a huge possibility in Colorado, you will need to adapt said sprinkler system to ensure the harsh elements of winter do not destroy your system. Make sure the water is off at the main shut-off valve. If there is an automatic watering system, do not forget to close the controller/timer or set it to “rain” mode, which will allow the homeowner to keep all the information previously programmed. Click here to learn more.

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