The Importance Of Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance In Oahu

The Importance Of Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance In Oahu

Fire alarms provide a valuable first defense against disasters. In the event of a fire, properly functioning alarms are essential to securing everyone’s safety and alerting property owners as quickly as possible to the problem so they can get it under control. In order to ensure a properly functioning system, regular maintenance must be performed.

The first step toward providing adequate Fire Alarm Maintenance in Oahu is to hire a professional inspection company to detect any potential problems. For recently installed systems less than five years old, most functional failures are due to improper installation procedures or unforeseen environmental factors such as electrical grid failures. In older systems, however, the inevitable degradation of electronic and mechanical components can cause more serious problems. Buildings that are experiencing fire alarm system failure or frequent false alarms are at higher risk than those with no obviously ascertainable problems. However, even an ostensibly functional alarm system, particularly if it’s more than five years old, can still experience problems with voltage transience or temperature and humidity fluctuations. These can be accurately diagnosed by a company like Elite Fire Services Inc that specializes in Fire Alarm Maintenance in Oahu.

Some maintenance services can be performed by building owners, but others must be contracted. It’s easy enough to check batteries and expiration dates, but that simply isn’t enough to ensure a fully functioning system. A full test is recommended at least one full evaluation of all components be performed per calendar year. The person or team performing this evaluation needs to have specialized knowledge not only of fire detection theory but also the specifications of each individual system being evaluated. A professional maintenance service can test and calibrate sensors for smoke and flame detectors, simulate inputs, and set the system sensitivity to appropriate levels. Annunciators must be tested, and input to the local fire department must be confirmed.

It may seem like a hassle, but don’t put off these regular diagnostic tests or the need for necessary repairs or maintenance that they may uncover. Remember that the safety of employees and customers or clients, as well as the property itself, is on the line. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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