Make Sure Extinguishers Are An Important Part Of Your Fire Maintenance Plan

Fire extinguishers are an important part of your Fire Maintenance plan. However, just having one about does not guarantee that it will work effectively enough to help put out a fire. Here are some maintenance tips for your fire extinguishers.

Keep Extinguishers Charged

Do you have a dry chemical extinguisher? Many manufactures recommend shaking the extinguisher once a month to keep the extinguisher charged. If the extinguisher has been used in any way, it will need recharging. A leaking extinguisher needs replacing.

Make Extinguishers Accessible

You need to get to your extinguisher quickly during an emergency. There should be nothing hindering your path. Make sure nothing blocks the extinguisher like boxes or coat racks so that it can be easily seen and grabbed.

Check Extinguisher Every Month

Give your extinguishers a routine inspection every month. If it has a gauge it should be in the green area. Nothing should be dented, dripping or oozing, including the red cylinder and the spray nozzle. If it has a tamper seal, make sure the seal is intact. Check for signs of rust. If it does have rust, replace it right away. Large extinguishers used for businesses should be pressure-checked. If you have lost the extinguisher’s instruction manual, replace your extinguisher. Keep track of how old it is. If it’s over 15 years old, replace it.

Train Everyone About Extinguisher Use

Never assume that everyone in your home or business knows how to use an extinguisher because they’ve seen someone else do it. You need hands-on practice to be sure you can work the extinguisher in an emergency. Use a separate extinguisher identical to the ones in your home or business to train on.

In Conclusion

Make sure your fire extinguishers work for you during an emergency. Never assume that they will work when needed. Keep fire extinguishers charged, accessible, monitored and made sure everyone in your home or business knows how to use an extinguisher. Replace extinguishers if there is any doubt about its reliability. If you have more questions about the best fire prevention and Fire Maintenance plan for you, contact Elite Fire Services Inc today.

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