What is Special About 100% Kona Coffee Beans in Kona?

100% Kona Coffee Beans in Kona are the scarcest bean in the world, with a mere fifteen-hundred acres on which this bean is cultivated and harvested. The region is found in Hawaii, which the only State in the US that grows coffee beans. Volcanic slopes provide the slightly acidic soil from which this coffee is created. The result is a mild flavor that is sweet and subtle.

The high demand commands a higher price that coffee connoisseurs are happy to pay. Cost-effective pricing is possible from online companies, such as Mulvadi Corporation Kona, for example, that specialize in bringing products from Hawaii to global customers. Consumers can treat themselves, or purchase bags as gifts, to experience this delicate coffee.

Another way to enjoy 100% Kona Coffee Beans in Kona is to blend it with other flavors to make the supply last longer. There are also packaged blends available that contain ten percent Kona coffee beans. Peaberry, vanilla, and chocolate macadamia nut are examples of flavors and blends that can be purchased online. Wholesale pricing is offered to retailers, specialty coffee shops and restaurants.

Ka’u coffee beans are also special Hawaiian beans. They are grown on volcanic slopes as well, and have a higher sugar content than most coffee beans. The elevation at which they are grown is higher, which also accounts for the floral accents and hint of vanilla. A particularly delightful variation of Ka’u coffee is called Morning Glory, and contains pecans, apricots, butter, brown sugar, and oranges. Coffee beans can be selected whole, ground, or freeze dried.

In addition to coffee, other products native to Hawaii are also available. Spices and sauces, for example, Coconut oil, turmeric, various flavored macadamia nut products, and Hawaiian honey are among offerings. Another product is called Noni, and can be purchased as juice, as a dietary supplement, and as a powder. It is actually a small evergreen shrub that grows among lava flows. It is believed to help a long list of aliments, as well as moisturize the skin to prevent aging. There are possible prescription medication interactions, so do not try Noni without consulting a physician prior to the purchase.

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