3 Elements That Must Be Part of Your Company’s Fire Protection Planning

3 Elements That Must Be Part of Your Company’s Fire Protection Planning

The right plan for fire protection Los Angeles accomplishes more than ensure you are in the good graces of the local fire marshal. It also increases the odds of keeping your employees safe and minimizing damage to your building and equipment. As you make plans or revamp an existing one, keep these three elements in mind. Doing so will ensure you are prepared if a fire should break out.

The Best in Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are your first line of defense. They let everyone know that a fire is in progress and that it’s time to take action. Make sure you have alarms covering every area of the facility. That includes areas your employees only enter for short periods during the work day. Those alarms should alert everyone no matter where they happen to be.

Exit Strategies For Your Employees

A comprehensive plan for exiting the building in the event of a fire is essential. No employee should have to stop and think how to get out quickly. Create floor plans to map out exit strategies and conduct fire drills. You also want to invest in floor lighting that comes on if a fire develops. Emergency lights and backlit exit signs should also be part of your plan for fire protection Los Angeles.

Strategically Placed Fire Extinguishers

You also want to have fire extinguishers within easy reach throughout the facility. A fire marshal will tell you how many are required and can even provide guidelines for where to place them. Go the extra mile and have more extinguishers than local standards require. If employees do need them to hold back a fire while they get out, access to a few extra extinguishers won’t hurt.

Remember that fire protection Los Angeles is not something to take lightly. While you may go for decades and never have a problem, keep all the equipment in top shape. All it takes is one fire to make all of your efforts worthwhile.

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