Strategies for Saving Money When Planning a Funeral Program in Bel Air

Strategies for Saving Money When Planning a Funeral Program in Bel Air

Families can easily spend several thousand dollars on a funeral, but not everyone has the means to do so. In Also, a family that emphasizes frugality may not want this type of expense for a funeral, especially if the deceased person valued thriftiness as a personal characteristic. They will want to find an organization offering a Funeral Program in Bel Air for an affordable cost. There are several effective strategies for keeping expenses relatively low when planning the practical details of this final goodbye.

Choosing cremation over burial tends to cost significantly less, particularly if there is no visitation with a casket at the service. Direct cremation without embalming or visitation is the least expensive option. Urns are available in a broad range of prices. The family may want to have the urn buried at a cemetery, but a smaller plot can be purchased instead of the full-size version.

The Funeral Program in Bel Air can include a memorial service instead of the standard funeral. This is usually a more casual gathering, featuring photo displays, mementos and perhaps a video or two. It is usually held at a location such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, but it can be held in a religious setting too. If the family wants a faith-based atmosphere, they can still have this at the funeral home. They might ask a member of the clergy to say a few words, for example, and include a prayer and the singing of a hymn during the service.

Around half of deceased individuals now are cremated instead of being buried without cremation or entombed at a mausoleum, a trend that has been steadily increasing during the 21st Century. The rising expense of caskets and traditional funerals is one factor in this trend. Another is a greater concern for the environment among the general population. People are aware of how much land is used by a traditional cemetery, and the need for additional land continues as years go by. The third factor is an increasing preference for a less formal service. Please Visit the website of one particular organization to start planning.

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