The Pediatrician You’ll Be Glad You Chose When Your Baby Gets Sick on a Weekend

The Pediatrician You’ll Be Glad You Chose When Your Baby Gets Sick on a Weekend

Parents know that when their baby is unexpectedly ill, it can be challenging to get an appointment with their regular pediatrician on such short notice. The need for care often presents itself at inconvenient times, like weekends. Even on weekdays, options are often limited. Predicting the stomach flu or injuries that require more than a Band-Aid is impossible, so what’s mom or dad to do? Take advantage of an infant pediatrician in Summerville, SC, who offers additional services and extended hours.

Standard pediatric services typically include wellness checks, flu shots, and vaccinations during weekdays. Parents who are looking for more flexibility need a pediatrician who offers expanded services that include special weekend hours. So, if the baby is suddenly sick on Saturday or Sunday, parents can call to make an appointment, and on-call doctors will be there to provide medical care. Instead of waiting at an urgent care facility or emergency room, parents can take their babies to a place they already know and trust.

The ability to walk into a pediatrician’s office without an appointment and get treatment is another example of the extra services that are provided by certain pediatricians. These doctors will see a sick, walk-in patient at any time during regular business hours. Short wait times are an added benefit to parents who choose a pediatrician who includes urgent care as part of the standard services for their patients.

When parents are looking for an infant pediatrician in Summerville, SC, one with weekend and walk-in hours can simplify medical care by providing regular appointments and urgent care all in one familiar place. This means no more seeing one doctor for regular appointments and many other doctors for urgent needs. These services provide flexibility and convenience for families, in addition to reassurance that when care is needed quickly, it will be available. The stress of worrying about a sick baby is enough without adding the stress of finding appropriate, caring treatment in a hurry.

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