How To Evaluate Rheology Measurement Equipment

How To Evaluate Rheology Measurement Equipment

Testing equipment for research and development, quality control or process control is a big part of the budget for many companies. For a plastic manufacturer having in-house rheology measurement equipment is an essential part of the production process.

Getting the best possible rheology measurement equipment is going to have an impact on your manufacturing. The better the equipment, the more reliable and precise the data obtained from the analysis will be. This will be a determining factor in both quality control as well as process control.

Look for a Reputable Company

With any type of measuring or analysis equipment, the brand name behind the product is important. There are an increasing number of low-cost products on the market, but this option of a very low price often comes with cheap components that result in less precision or higher error rates during equipment use.

Always choose a brand that is recognized as a leader in the rheology measurement equipment industry. The small difference in price is minimal when you consider the value of quality components, top customer service and support and the company’s proven track record.

Choose Flexibility

A very interesting and effective system configuration offered by the top testing equipment manufacturing companies is the idea of a modular system. This allows each facility to choose the testing equipment that is best for their needs. Each component of the modular system will integrate with all others, allowing for maximum flexibility that is ideal for both small to large production facilities.

In addition to compact sizes and multiple configuration possibilities, this type of approach provides scalability over time. Specific components can be upgraded or added without the need to completely replace the system or to upgrade all of the components at the same time.

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