Questions To Ask Funeral Directors In Atlantic Highlands

In New Jersey, funeral homes provide invaluable services for families that have lost a loved one, and they manage funeral arrangements effectively. The family can acquire any type of service they prefer whether it is religious or not. Funeral directors Atlantic Highlands offer answers for questions that families may have about these services.

Can the Family Acquire Their Own Makeup Artist for Their Loved One?

Yes, while funeral directors typically have an on-site cosmetologist to manage makeup services and hairdressing, the family can choose whoever they prefer to perform these services. If a loved one prefers, they can perform the services for their loved one themselves. Additional fees won’t apply if the family makes this choice about cosmetology services.

Does the Family have Full Control Over the Funeral Services?

Yes, the family can plan out each part of the funeral services including music selection, the type of services, and the individual who performs the service. The funeral home will not impose any restrictions on the funeral plans, and let families make all choices. However, the funeral home may limit the hours in which the services are performed according to their hours of operations.

Is It Necessary for All Bodies to be Embalmed?

No, the funeral home doesn’t require the family to choose to embalm for their loved one. However, if they decide against the service, they should schedule the funeral quickly due to the effects that time has on the body. If the body is cremated, the services can be performed immediately, if the family prefers.

Will the Director Help with Military Services?

Yes, the funeral director can manage military funeral arrangements for grieving families who lost their service member. They will contact the service member’s commander and acquire funeral details based on the soldier’s wishes.

In New Jersey, funeral homes assist families with their loved one’s final wishes and funeral arrangements. The family can make choices about these plans including whether or not the loved one was religious or not. Families that need help contact funeral directors Atlantic Highlands through the John P. Condon Funeral Home and schedule an appointment.

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