If You’re Having Trouble Breathing, A Respiratory Care Center Can Help You Breathe Easier

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Health

It doesn’t matter whether you have asthma or smoked throughout your life, adequate oxygen is necessary for your body to function properly against disease and to work properly. You may have born with asthma, or maybe you developed asthma over the years from environmental allergens such as pollen, cat dander or dust mites. When you were a child, maybe your mother gave you an antihistamine to keep your nose from being stuffy and being congested, but now you find yourself feeling tight in your upper middle chest or have a chronic dry cough.

Chances are you may have developed asthma or chronic bronchitis and are having some bronchial spasms which is creating the pain or dry cough. A Respiratory Care Center can properly diagnose you by using specific tests such as a pulmonary function test. A pulmonary function test is a noninvasive test that tests the functioning of your lungs, lung capacity and the flow rate in your lungs. The test is a very good indicator to let your physician know what is wrong with your lungs to be able to treat you. A pulmonary function test also does not require fasting or any other pretesting procedures in order to be performed.

Possibly you have smoked much of your life and find yourself becoming short of breath. A pulmonary function test can also assist your physician in diagnosing your condition. You may have developed COPD, Emphysema or some other pulmonary issue. Having a Respiratory Care Center that is available 24 hours a day can help you breathe easier and keep your health as best as it can be. They also offer pulmonary rehab which is supervised by medical professionals for individuals with chronic breathing problems. The rehab assists you to live and breathe more independently through exercise and education to help increase your lung capacity for oxygen intake.

You should not be embarrassed that you may have breathing problems. Infants can have them as well as the elderly and anyone in between. Not having proper treatment can lead to additional health problems as time goes by. Missouri Delta Medical Center is available with qualified and caring physicians and staff to give you the treatment you need to rest more easily and breathe better.


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