Imagine if Your Body Could Repair Itself & Cure ED

Imagine if Your Body Could Repair Itself & Cure ED

ED is short for erectile dysfunction, and this term refers to a condition common among males that eventually impacts how a man reacts during sexual arousal. Commonly, the penile tissue that is filled with sensitive nerves and blood vessels becomes engorged. This then causes the penis to become rigid and hard. When males develop ED, the penile tissue doesn’t work like it was made to. Past treatments involved harsh drugs to stimulate penile blood vessels indirectly causing an erection, or undergoing lengthy, painful and sensitive surgeries. Now, the entire medical community is focused on new ED treatments like ED therapy Laguna Niguel Ca doctors deliver.

Sometime around 2003, many in the medical community were having positive results with shockwave therapy for ED. Lots of clinical studies were started, and those extensive studies have now proven that the stellar results were sustained long term in the majority of cases. Imagine if your body could repair itself and possibly rehabilitate or repair itself and/or cure your aggravating ED symptoms plus target the underlying cause so that symptoms stay away. This is exactly what is happening following ED therapy Laguna Niguel Ca area ED specialists are giving their patients.

This revolutionary erectile dysfunction treatment relies on very low-intensity shockwaves that a specialist precisely targets towards the intended problematic tissue location from outside the patient’s body. Patients begin with 6 treatments given over a 3 to 6 week time-period. A wait period of 90 days allows penile blood vessel regrowth as nearby tissue actually rehabilitates itself. Then, the patient is given 6 more treatments requiring no needles, no pain, no surgeries and no worries. Learn more about how ED therapy Laguna Niguel, Ca ED specialists from LaSara Medical Group is reversing ED symptoms and shows continued long term success. Visit LaSara for further details.

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