Are There Too Many Car Dealerships In San Antonio Texas?

In our country where we strongly believe in a free enterprise economy, competition amongst suppliers is one of the key ways in which the buying public can be assured of getting a good “deal”. In that respect, you might think that the more Car dealerships in San Antonio the better.

But, Are They All Honest?

When it comes to Car dealerships In San Antonio that only sell used cars, the question about the dealer’s honesty is most important. No one is really saying that all second hand car dealers are crooks but, they do have something of a bad reputation. For many, the test of this honesty comes after they have paid out the money and driven the car away. Any car can suffer mechanical or electrical failures but one hopes that these will not occur shortly after you take ownership of the vehicle. Should this happen very shortly into your ownership, you naturally think that the dealer you purchased it from owes you some sort of recompense. It can be a bitter lesson if that dealer washes his hands of any responsibility. Part of that lesson is to thoroughly check out that dealer’s reputation before you part with any money.

New Car Dealerships In San Antonio

In a more restricted and controlled economy, there would be a number of new Car dealerships in San Antonio that precisely matches the number of new car manufacturers whose models are currently available in San Antonio. Each car maker – Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, BMW, etc., etc. would have its own dealership and the dealer would be under the direct control of that car maker. Hopefully, this would mean that all cars purchased from such Car dealerships in San Antonio would have guaranteed after purchase support.

However, that is not how our economy functions and it is quite likely that new vehicles from all the manufacturers are available for purchase from several different Car dealerships In San Antonio; all of whom have signage declaring that they are a specific brand dealership – for example “Chevrolet Dealer”. In most cases these Car dealerships In San Antonio will actually be selling vehicles from that one manufacturer. However, their connection back to that manufacturer is not readily obvious.

As a result, the vehicle buying public do need to exercise due caution when deciding which dealer to select when looking for a specific model from a specific manufacturer. With new vehicles, you do get after purchase support backed by the manufacturer but, only if the dealership is officially recognized and approved by that manufacturer.

Out of all the Car dealerships In San Antonio, the one to choose if you are looking for any Chevrolet model is Wommack Chevrolet in Castroville. Give them a call on (830) 931-9200.

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