Resolve Your Dental Issues With Implants And Dentures In Honolulu

Dental problems can often be the most painful health issues for a patient to deal with. Many Honolulu residents make the effort to get a dental problem resolved when they first start showing signs of their presence, to try to prevent the severe pain that can come with a broken or infected tooth. Even a simple cavity can cause a patient severe pain if not taken care of soon. Unfortunately for many patients, no matter how quickly you get dental care for you dental problems, you can still run the risk of your teeth being too far gone or infected too much for them to be saved. When this happens, there are usually only two procedures which can help you.

The most common procedure involves Dentures in Honolulu, which are, in essence, just a false set of teeth. Dentures are made of various materials, the most common being a denture resin which mimics the strength of dental enamel. Some dentures are made of porcelain for a more realistic appearance. No matter which type of denture appliance you choose, the procedures involved for getting them will be the same. The first thing that will be done is the removal of the affected teeth. In most cases this will be a small group of teeth unless your dental health has significantly deteriorated. When only a few teeth are needing replaced, a bridge will be used, which is essentially a smaller version of dentures. For larger amounts of teeth being removed, a full set of Dentures in Honolulu will be required.

The other solution which can help replace your damaged teeth is through dental implants. Dental implants are fake porcelain teeth that are anchored in place by an implanted metal anchor that attaches to your jaw bone. This anchor holds the tooth in place, but also acts as a substitute for the root of your original tooth. dental implants are often a healthier choice when compared to dentures, since they can replace a single tooth when necessary and their anchors promote bone growth by exciting the bone around them while chewing. Dentures, on the other hand, compact your jaw bone over time, often requiring bone grafts to build it back up.

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