How real natural pet supplies act as alternatives to chemicals

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Pets & Animals

Every pet owner in Jacksonville loves to see healthy and happy pets. The expensive pet food available in stores may not be helping the pets grow healthy and strong. Switch to the natural pet supplies Jacksonville to see the difference. Here are some of the benefits of natural pet food over chemical-rich artificial pet feeds.

Avoid Detrimental Issues
Most of the pet foods contain artificial starches and grains. Cats and dogs are carnivorous and their food should be meat-based. Grains are unnecessary and can be completely avoided. The grains produce mycotoxins which lead to health issues.

The meat should not be from animals that are dead due to unknown reasons. The quality of the natural pet supply Jacksonville should be reliable. It is better to buy the pet food from pet stores that resort to illusive marketing and deceptive franchise.

Eliminate Gastrointestinal Diseases
Chemical and synthetic preservatives are common culprits of gastrointestinal diseases in pets. Bisphenol A (BPA) and Carrageenan are some of the widely used preservatives that are potential threats to the health of the pets.

Sodium pentobarbital that is used to euthanize the animals also easily cause gastrointestinal diseases. Carrageenan with lower molecular weight contains Poligeenan that is known to be carcinogenic.

The natural pet supply Jacksonville is completely free of such chemical preservatives and additives. They use natural preservatives and additives such as Vitamin C, tocopherols, and flavonoids.

Safe and Pure
Some brands are known to be premium and are sometimes prescribed by vets. They still don’t help the pets to develop stronger immunity and longevity. Although there are guidelines by FDA and other state authorities, they are only suggestions.

There is no guarantee that the pet food manufacturers follow all of these suggestions so that it is pure and safe. Many ingredients that are mentioned in the list are difficult even to read. But the natural pet supply Jacksonville is holistic and wholesome without any fears of allergies, obesity, or skin issues.

You can safely choose Earth Pets that is free of grains, preservatives, and additives. You can be sure of the highest quality of natural pet supply Jacksonville from them.

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