Common Reasons People See an ENT in Bethlehem, PA

The ears, nose, and throat are complex structures that can sometimes be difficult to treat. While minor colds and allergy symptoms can easily be treated by a family doctor, sometimes issues arise that require a specialist. It is vital people know how to protect their health by understanding the reasons they might need to seek treatment from an ENT in Bethlehem PA. An ENT, or ear, nose, and throat specialist, diagnoses and treats a wide array of disorders.

  • Chronic sinus pain should never be ignored since infection could be the cause. When pain is felt on the forehead, under the eyes, in the teeth, or in the jaw, the sinus cavities could be to blame. While allergies can sometimes be the cause of sinus pain and pressure, there are serious disorders of the sinuses that should not be ignored.
  • Hearing loss is not normal for any age, although it does happen more frequently as people grow older. The conductive hearing loss means there is a problem with the structures in the ear. It could be something as simple as fluid or have a more complex cause, such as nerve damage. An ENT can check the structures of the ear, carry out testing, and find the cause.
  • Blockages in the nose can make it difficult to breathe. When chronic airway obstruction is occurring, one may need to see an ENT in Bethlehem PA. Allergies, deviations, and infections can all lead to obstructions. If breathing issues become chronic, they need to be investigated to find the cause.
  • Congestion is not always a sign of alarm, but it can be when it occurs along with feelings of pressure in the head or ears. Chronic drainage is an issue that can be treated once the cause has been found. An examination and testing can find the cause so the ENT can offer the right treatment for relief.

Seeing an ENT can allow a person to get to the bottom of their symptoms and find welcome relief. For more information on the services available through these doctors, visit us. Call today to schedule your appointment so you can protect your health and receive answers to your questions.

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