The Value of Annual Appointments at the Animal Hospital in Olathe, Kansas

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Pets & Animals

It is true that good health care for pets is expensive. This reality often leads pet owners to forgo any care they do not see as an emergency. That is unfortunate because animals need preventative care just like their human owners. A faithful companion deserves to live a happy and healthy life, and since they are unable to provide for their own needs, they rely on their people to do what is best for them. Here are just a few of the many reasons regular veterinary care matters.

Concerns About Rabies

Any Animal Hospital in Olathe KS will stress the need for regularly updated rabies vaccinations. Even pets who do not stray out of their own yard are at risk if a rabies infected animal enters their territory. This risk can become reality anywhere, at any time. Animals exposed to the virus will be quarantined at the owner’s expense. If they contract the disease, there is no cure.

Hiding Their Pain

Animals instinctively hide pain. In the wild, an injured animal is a target for predators. In order to protect themselves, many domestic animals will hide their pain for as long as possible. It can be very easy for them to cover up an illness or injury until it becomes life threatening.

Reduces Anxiety During an Illness

A sick pet who has never been to the vet may find the entire process terrifying. One that has had annual appointment will feel more comfortable at the clinic. This will reduce the stress they are suffering from during an already difficult time.

May Lower the Cost of Future Care

Preventative care catches health problems early and may reduce the cost, and the suffering, in the future. In the instance of serious health problems, like cancer, it may even make it possible to extend their lives.

Keeps Humans Healthier Too

People are as much at risk for suffering from ticks, fleas and worms as their pets. These parasites are not particular about where they get their next meal. Veterinarians help to keep pets free from these creatures, protecting the owners at the same time. can help any pet owner to understand the need for regular care and feel more comfortable about how money spent on a beloved pet is worth the expense. As a comprehensive Animal Hospital in Olathe KS, they offer every service the average pet owner will need.

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