Pet Health; Disease Prevention And Maintenance

Pet Health; Disease Prevention And Maintenance

Disease prevention and maintenance of the health of your pet is equally as important as preventing disease and maintaining your health and the health of your family members. Scheduling your pet’s vaccinations with a veterinarian is simple, but this act will pay dividends when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness. Even though your pet may be in the best of health, it is only continued care that will keep it that way. To maintain your pet’s health it is important that it gets necessary vaccinations, annual rabies booster, heartworm, distemper and de-worming. When you have your pet in for these important issues it affords an ideal time to have the vet give your pet annual examination to ensure there are no hidden issues that need to be attended to.

When an animal is first born it receives the anti-bodies that are necessary to maintain its health from the mother’s milk. As the animal matures and is weaned, they lose access to the natural anti-bodies. The anti-bodies that got it through its early months must now be supplemented with vaccinations against the diseases that the animal is susceptible to.

Vaccinations have been an integral part of animal husbandry for many years. Veterinarians recommend that animals be vaccinated for two reasons; to make sure that the animal is capable of fighting the parasite or disease that can threaten their health and to prevent unforeseen illness. The veterinarian vaccinates the animal either orally or by injection, thus strengthening the animal’s immune system, allowing it to ward off disease.

New and improved vaccines are constantly being developed. Viruses have the uncanny ability to become immune to the vaccine that the vet has used to destroy them. It is important that veterinarians are constantly on guard against new threats to an animal’s health. As well as coming up with vaccines that fight a mutation of a virus, vaccines are now available that can stretch the time frame for revaccination from annually to two or more years.

Vaccinations are necessary to ensure a healthy pet but along with this is love and care. Nothing beats the knowledge that an owner has of his or her pet. Routine grooming, plenty of exercise and nutritious food are all important elements of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Your veterinarian is the key to prescribing what is best for your pet and you can rest assured that your vet will prescribe love, affection and dedication just as he or she will prescribe the medications needed to keep your pet in excellent health.

Having a good veterinarian to look after the health needs of your pet is extremely important. If you live in the North County Coastal Area you are invited to take your pet to All Creatures Hospital. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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