3 Holistic Benefits of Dry Cat Food

3 Holistic Benefits of Dry Cat Food

In the world of cat lovers, there is an ongoing debate about which is better for your cat: dry or wet food. There are pros and cons to each type of food, but the key for any cat owner is to look for food that offers holistic benefits. This means that the food offers health benefits for the cat’s entire body, including more than just their digestive system. At Earth Pets Florida in Jacksonville, we often recommend that owners looking to switch to dry food consider Canidae cat food for this very reason. Here are three holistic benefits that this dry cat food offers.

1. It helps to prevent dental issues.

Dry cat food can help prevent your cat from developing issues with their teeth and gums. This is because the dry kibble helps to remove plaque as your cat chews on it. The rough surface of the crunchy kibble scrubs at the teeth while your cat eats. This helps prevent tartar build up and also loosens food that is stuck near the gums.

2. It is much easier to control your cat’s weight with dry food.

One of the reasons we like Canidae cat food is because it offers lots of energy without being heavy in calories. But if you do struggle with keeping your cat’s weight down, dry cat food can be a plus. It is easier to measure the right amount for your cat, and you can more easily feed them in smaller amounts. Wet cat food can dry out if you don’t use the entire can within two hours. Dry cat food can be stored for weeks without going bad.

3. It is more affordable to get quality dry food than quality wet food.

Often when you have a cat, you have to balance buying really great quality food with your budget. Wet food is more expensive to make and sell, so the price of quality wet food will always be higher. Dry cat food can be sold in bulk amounts, making it more affordable to choose a higher quality food. This means that you can more easily choose food that suits your cat’s specific needs, such as Canidae’s cat food for cats with grain sensitivity, or cat food for higher energy cats.

If you want to find the best dry cat food for your cat, come by our Jacksonville store today!

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