With the Many Fountains in NY City – Water Fountain Repair in New York City is a Necessity

Water foundations have been a fixture of everyday life dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Their origins were for functional purposes only, transporting water through a system of aqueducts or connected to springs, as the village’s drinking water supply or for bathing. Beginning with the Greeks, fountains were designed in honor of the gods and goddesses and created in their images. Eventually, foundations became more decorative while at the same time providing water to its citizens. The Romans adorned their fountains with bronze or gold masks depicting heroes or animals. The wealthier citizens of Rome and Greece often incorporated decorative fountains in their home’s courtyards. In fact, ancient Rome was literally a city of fountains, with 39 enormous fountains and almost 600 public basins, not including that which supplied the Imperial baths and household.

Fast forwarding to the 1800’s of the United States we begin to see water fountains erected in the cities of New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. At first, most of the fountains were variations of those found in Europe and it would not be until the 1900’s that the United States would create a style all their own. Although antique and classical forms hold their own, the United States is home to a large amount of modern and abstract water fountains that occasionally require Water Fountain Repair in New York City.

Other popular forms of fountains found around the world are interactive fountains or splash foundations built with the intention of allowing people to enter them and cool off on a hot summer day. They are designed with easy entry in mind, nonslip, textured surfaces, and do not have standing water to eliminate any possibility of drowning. Typically located in public parks and swimming pools or public playgrounds these fountains, some designed by draw thousands of grateful visitors every summer.

Today, fountains are used to decorate and adorn city parks and town squares; for entertainment and recreation; and as memorials. With the numerous water fountains throughout New York City, there is often a high demand for Water Fountain Repair in New York City. People’s fascination with and love for fountains ensures that they will forever remain a part of our culture.

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