What Are Safe Chews for Puppies?

What Are Safe Chews for Puppies?

Many owners of puppies want to buy the right food, treats and dog chews for their puppies. However, finding out what are safe chews for puppies can be a challenge. Asking your vet or breeder is a good start, and so is learning how to read labels and understand what to look for and what to avoid.

Rawhide-Free Chews

A key consideration when choosing safe chews for puppies is to avoid any products made from rawhide. While there are a lot of different rawhide bones and chew toys sold and many dogs appear to have no problem with the products, it is impossible to tell until something happens.

Most commonly, dogs have digestive problems related to the rawhide slowly digesting in their bodies. This can take days after consumption. Some dogs may develop intestinal blockages as the mass of slimy rawhide builds up in the system. Other puppies may chew strings of rawhide and swallow them, creating the risk of choking.

Healthy Ingredients and Fully Digestible

The best safe chews for puppies are made of real, natural ingredients and have been tested to be fully digested in the dog’s body within 24 hours or less. These types of products replace the rawhide with baked pork skin, real chicken, peanut butter, milk as well as vitamins and minerals.

Reading the ingredients panel on the packaging provides a clear picture of the healthy ingredients that went into the manufacturer of the chew bone.

Correctly Sized for Puppies

Safe puppy chews are correctly sized. They should be big enough so the puppy cannot swallow them whole, while small enough to allow the puppy to chew on them.

Remember, providing chew toys for puppies is not meant to replace a meal. They should only be given once a day, but they make a healthy, satisfying treat or snack.

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