Fun Facts About K9 Training in Texas

While everyone may know at least a few facts about dogs and their popularity as lovable pets, there are actually specific facts about police K9 dogs that are less well-known. Here are just a few to peruse before engaging in K9 Training in Texas.

Ancient Times

Even cultures from long ago knew that dogs could be trained in such areas as guarding or search and rescue. The first cultures are known to have done this were the Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Persians.

Big Apple Origins

Dogs that were considered a proper part of the police force were first used in New York City back in 1907. They belonged to a unit called Patrol Squad 1.


German Shepherds were the first breed of dog used in a K9 capacity, and they have historically been the most popular for this purpose. However, other popular breeds used in a police capacity include Belgian Malinois, Akitas, Belgian Sheephounds, and Bloodhounds.

Early Retirement

The career of a police dog lasts an average of six to eight years. There have been some that lasted as long as 10 years, but that is exceedingly rare.

Double Trouble

While identical twins can be pretty hard, if not impossible, for humans to tell apart, dogs that have undergone K9 Training in Texas can actually sniff the differences between the twins. This makes them very easy to identify from the perspective of the dog.

What’s That Smell?

While the odor of a dead body is pretty unmistakable, there is not a human alive that can detect the scent if the body is buried. This is not true for K9 dogs. They can smell a body buried up to 12 feet deep.

Just Say Know

Dogs undergoing K9 training at True Canine International know what contraband materials are around well before any human officers do. Their sense of smell can detect narcotics, explosives, and bodies much quicker and easier than a human can.

Visit  for more information on K9 training or military training and what the experts can do to get the dog in law enforcement shape. The future of the force may depend on it.

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