How are Dental Crowns Placed on the Teeth?

There are various reasons a person may need Dental Crowns. When a person has had damage occur to their teeth and are in danger of losing them, crowns can be placed to shield the tooth in protection and prevent further damage from occurring. Knowing what to expect from this procedure will allow people to feel more comfortable in scheduling their appointment. The process can be done in as little as one visit and is fairly straightforward.

Before placing a crown, the dentist needs to make sure the patient is a good candidate. If the dentist feels a crown will protect the tooth and make a person’s smile look more attractive, impressions will first need to be made. The impressions are made so custom Dental Crowns can be created for the perfect fit. The dentist will create a tooth-shaped shell that is colored to match the patient’s tooth coloring so the crown will blend in with the rest of their smile. The impressions are sent to a dental lab, and the dentist then goes to work on preparing the tooth for crown placement.

A tooth must be carefully shaped to ensure the crown will properly fit. The tooth corners are rounded and made slightly smaller, so the tooth becomes a peg shape. This is important for ensuring a good fit and for making the tooth stronger and less likely to break. Once the tooth has been prepared, the dentist will place a temporary plastic crown over the tooth to wait for the permanent one to come back from the lab.

Once the permanent crown has been created, the dentist will check it for proper fit and then adhere it to the tooth. The adhesive used ensures the crown becomes a permanent part of the tooth so it will last for many years to come.

If you believe your smile could benefit from a tooth crown, visit us. This site offers you further information on the process so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this treatment could benefit you. At this site, you can also learn about their other treatment options for giving you a healthy, beautiful smile.

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