Why Install Misting Dust Suppression Systems?

Dust can be insidious. It rises from the ground and settles everywhere it should not. In industrial concerns and small clean facilities, dust can be the enemy. Government health and safety regulations also fall into play as concerns for product purity and worker safety remain paramount in production lines. As a result, methods are sought to reduce the potential for dust to create a high risk situation. These include misting dust suppression systems. Here is how to deliver effective dust control.

What Are Dust Suppression Systems?

Dust suppression systems are divided into two main categories. These are wet and dry. As their name indicates, the former uses a wet method to suppress the dust, preventing it from rising from the ground or shelves. The latter type of dust suppression employs a system of bags and filters to collect the dust. The company then disposes of the material gathered at some time later.

Companies can choose their dust suppression systems from a variety of sizes and shapes to suit their use. One of the increasingly popular and less expensive type of wet suppression is gaining in popularity. It is called the misting dust suppression system.

What Are Misting Dust Suppression Systems?

Misting dust suppression systems are considered wet systems. The misting system, depending upon its size and type, utilizes fans, pumps, pipes and/or nozzles to spray minute droplets of water into the air surrounding the workplace floor or shop area. The airborne dust particles and other small debris unseen by the human eye is attracted to the water droplets.

When the dust particle and the water meet, the dust immediately ceases floating. It falls to the ground. If it is already on the ground, misting dust suppression systems will prevent it from rising. Although the misting system uses water droplets to control the dust, they are so fine they cannot affect the quality of the product or negatively impact the machinery. This is particularly valuable at vegetable packing facilities and granaries.

Benefits of Misting Dusting Suppression Systems

In addition to the above benefits of dust suppression, there are further benefits from using these wet dust suppression systems. They are invigorating for the employees who have to work in conditions where the temperatures and/or the humidity rise to unbearable heights. Using a wet system to suppress the dust in a shop or on a warehouse floor, also refreshes the air. It cools down the heat and decreases the level of humidity.

Misting Dust Suppression Systems

When it comes to installing a dust suppression system, industries have two basic choices: wet or dry. While chemicals can be employed in a wet system, one of the most effective types has proven to be a misting system. For its potential to provide the right services, misting dust depression systems have demonstrated their ability to be a cost-effective method to deliver more than dust control.

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