Everything You Need to Know About Custom Wall Decals

Everybody loves to decorate their homes or office spaces with cute things, whether that be furniture, paintings, or other types of decorations. As time has passed, our society has developed more and more types of decorations that have expanded upon our abilities to make our rooms and walls beautiful. Wall decals, in particular, have made it very easy to customize our homes and bring more than just paint to our walls.

What Is a Custom Wall Decal?

A wall decal, otherwise possibly referred to as a wall sticker or wall vinyl, are generally stickers that are made of vinyl and designed to be stuck to a flat surface, typically a wall. They may be used for decoration or for informational purposes, depending on who is using them and where they’re being placed. Generally speaking, a wall decal typically isn’t reusable, but there are reusable options available on the market.

These decals typically only use one color, but they may also sometimes incorporate many different images into one decal. Wall decals range in size, but generally don’t go smaller than 30 centimeters by 50 centimeters. With that said, larger ones could reach 100 centimeters by 100 centimeters or more.

Why Get a Custom Wall Decal

Custom wall decals are likely more beneficial than you may think, especially if you own a business. If you’re a homeowner, custom wall decals are a great way to add a touch of personality to your walls without having to worry about special paint jobs. As a business owner, however, the possibilities are endless. You could have any important business information stuck easily to the wall with a beautiful custom decal. Custom wall decals can be made into anything you like; you could even have them made with a blackboard or whiteboard finish and applied to your wall to create an even more customizable surface.

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