Why a Criminal Attorney in Chicago Is Worth the Money

Without the help of a criminal attorney in Chicago, a defendant might remain in custody until a trial is completed or a plea is taken. What if a defendant can’t afford the bail that is set by the court? They will have no other choice but to remain in jail until the case is resolved, but when a lawyer is hired, he or she can argue on the defendant’s behalf for a reasonable bail, which can mean a difference of thousands of dollars. If a person isn’t able to post bail, a lot can be lost such as homes and jobs.

A criminal attorney in Chicago will help with more than just getting a person a reasonable bail; they can help innocent people after they have been convicted of crimes. They can also help people file appeals. In some cases, some people confessed to crimes they didn’t commit because they felt pressured by law enforcement to do so, and other times, people have been convicted because they didn’t have enough evidence to prove that they were innocent. Lawyers can help to uncover evidence to help prove innocence and they will work to find witnesses that might not have been available during a person’s first trial.

John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. and other lawyers can also help to make sure that a defendant isn’t convicted in the first place. While some cases are harder than others, lawyers will work to give their clients as good of a defense as possible, but in order to do so, a defendant must fully cooperate with his/her lawyer since they work better when they know all the facts about the cases they are working on. Defendants shouldn’t omit things that they think aren’t important; it’s up to defense lawyers to decide whether or not some information is important.

Lawyers can also come up with plea deals that can help avoid prison time. Instead of going to prison, a person can be placed on probation, which would allow them to continue to work and do other things in life as long as the terms of the probation aren’t violated.

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