What Types Of Pipe Do Plumbers Work With?

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Plumbing

Morton Grove plumbers deal with two predominate types of pipe on a daily basis; plastic pipe and metal pipe. Plastic pipe is very common, it is further identifies as PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and CPVC (Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride). Metal pipes also are broken down into copper and galvanized steel although cast iron piing is often used for waste lines. Just as there are pipes made from different materials there are also different uses for each of the types as they all have a specific purpose.

Morton Grove plumbers use a great deal of plastic pipe; it is the material of choice for carrying unheated water under pressure through the building. Plastic pipe is available in a number of different diameters starting as low as one half inch and going in steps all the way through four inches; the larger the pipe diameter the thicker the wall thickness. PVC is suitable for cold water only; hot water will distort and warp the pipe.

When plastic pipe is going to carry hot water CPVC is used, it can also carry cold water of course. CPVC pipe is identified by the color yellow; standard PVC pipe is normally white or gray. Although PVC and CPVC are the common plastic pipe standards there are other plastic pipes available for specific purposes. PEX (Cross linked Polyethylene) are used for carrying hot water which has a higher temperature than is usually found in a home, this pipe is compatible with the water temperatures found in water based heating systems.

Of the three common metal pipes that are in common usage copper is by far the favorite of the plumber. Although copper pipe is marginally more costly than plastic pipe it is favored as it can carry higher pressures and temperatures. Copper pipe is delivered to the job site in straight lengths which have been tempered and soft copper delivered in coils. Copper pipes are a little thinner walled than plastic pipes; the joining method is solder whereas the joints in plastic pipe are sealed with a chemical which bonds the sections together.

Galvanized steel pipes have been in use for many years. As the pipe is galvanized it is resistant to corrosion. As the volume id plastic pipe increases the price continues to fall, conversely the price of galvanized steel pipe continues to rise resulting in it becoming less and less popular and is being replaced by PEX which is equally strong and durable.

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