Recovery Mistakes Made by Those in Residential Treatment Centers in Utah

After you enter into one of the residential treatment centers in Utah, such as Alpine Recovery Lodge, you will be invincible, right? While you know that addiction made you feel horrible and you have the tools that are necessary to help you stay clean, you still may not be able to remain sober. The fact is that every single addict can make mistakes. This is normal and to be expected. However, you can learn from these mistakes, which will help you maintain your newly found sober life. Some of the most common mistakes made by addicts are highlighted here.

Succumbing to a Craving
There are moments in every single recovering addict’s recovery process when they will be able to feel, taste and smell their former drug. Even if you believed to be alone in this, you are definitely not. While you cannot keep cravings at bay, you can call your friends, or even a person at your residential treatment center in Utah, such as Alpine Recovery Lodge for a distraction. The key is to keep your mind busy, ignore the craving and not give in.

You Quit Your Therapy Group
No matter if you are attending a twelve-step group, a religious service or any type of accountability group, it is essential to stick with it. If you walk away from the support group you have joined, chances are you will be back in residential treatment centers in Utah before you know it.

Associating with People from Your “Addicted Life”
After you recover from an addiction, it is important to cut ties with everyone and anyone from your former life. You will not be able to stay on the path of sober living if you hang out with or even talk to these individuals. They will wind up dragging you back to your former, addictive lifestyle. In order to be safe and confident that you can avoid reverting back to your former life of addiction, you need to keep your distance from bad influences and ensure that you make new friends that are living a clean life.

Getting Rid of Your Counselor or Therapist
If you are doing well, you don’t have to keep seeing your therapist, right? The fact is that you need to continue seeing this individual and not discontinue your meetings with them. If you do this, it may result in you reverting to your addicted lifestyle.

Addiction is difficult. So is recovery. To stay sober, you need the help of professionals. Alpine Recovery Lodge is the Residential Treatment Center in Utah and can help ensure that you maintain your new-found sober life because they understand how to help you minimize your mistakes to remain sober.

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