Finding a Place to Eat in a Sea of Choices

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Restaurant

Anyone who lives near a large city knows the plethora of restaurant choices available. With so many different kinds out there, deciding on where to go isn’t always an easy decision to make. For the average working class American the choice can be narrowed down, when we go out there are quite a few factors which come into play when making this decision.

The Sit-Down Restaurant

In today’s uncertain economy people are just choosing not to eat out as often as before. When they do decide they can splurge a bit, price is always a chief concern. With this in mind, most sit-down restaurants can be a bit pricy at twenty dollars plus per meal. With the average household having two and a half kids, you’re looking at a minimum of sixty-five dollars before tip. On certain special occasions this can be acceptable, but not really something you would want to do once or twice a week.


It’s true that fast-food is a lot cheaper than sit-down restaurants, but there are a lot of reasons against them as well. Fast-food and burger joints are, for the most part, considered to be unhealthy. These places almost never have good sit-down experiences, their interiors usually look more like cafeterias rather than a cozy place for having holding good conversation. The biggest reason of all not to go is that they have been around forever serving the same old boring food.

Best of Both Worlds

The bad economy and the rising foodie revolution have spawned small diner-style sit-down restaurants which serve higher quality food at a lot less than their expensive counterparts. Faster air travel and the internet have made the world seem smaller than ever. Even small restaurants now have access to more ingredients than previously possible and at lower prices. With a lot of these restaurants tasting as good as and sometimes even better than their expensive brothers for half the cost, it really makes you think about what these expensive sit-down places are charging you for.

Cooking shows and the Food Network’s growing popularity has inspired a lot of people to try new tastes and textures when preparing food. It seems every month there is a new food fad going around. A lot of this revolves around reinventing old, time-tested, recipes with new ingredients. Take Chicken Salad Chick for instance, a small but growing chain of restaurants in the south east, they have gone out of their way by innovating and reinventing your traditional chicken salad. They didn’t do this just once, but fifteen different ways. For a small restaurant like this to be growing in our economy goes to show how quality foods in the right setting is just what America is looking for. For more information on places to eat, you can visit Facebook or Twitter.

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