The Top Three Signs That You Need a Cat Condo in Corvallis, OR

Cat condos are a type of pet furniture that allow your cat to scratch, climb, rest, and play all in one place. They are tall, sturdy structures that offer a great way for your cat to blow off some steam. While some cat owners forgo getting their pet a cat tree, it can provide you and your pet with many benefits. Having a cat tree can reduce the damage around your home, allow your cats to get some exercise, and even improve your cat’s behavior by allowing him or her somewhere where they can relax.

If you’re not sure if you could use a cat tree at home, you should learn more about the benefits of adding one to your home. To learn more about how you, your household, and your pet may benefit from the purchase of a cat tree, here are the top three signs that you need a cat condo in Corvallis, OR.

Mischievous Behavior

If you notice that your cat often disobeys you, running around the house frantically or attacking your legs, it may be time to purchase a cat condo. Just as some teens go through rebellious phases, cats can be no different, with their high energy and ever-present hunter’s instinct coming out in the home. They’ll need something to relieve their mischief, and nothing can provide a better outlet than a cat condo.

Furniture Damages

Are you noticing scratches on your couches and chunks taken out of your wooden furniture? Your cat may have gotten out of hand with its claws, which is why cat condos provide an appropriate scratching area. Cats are naturally drawn to scratch the material used in cat condos, and tiring them out there can help to prevent future damage to your furniture.

Territorial Activities

Though we may not know it, some cats still believe themselves to be masters of their domain. It’s why male cats will spray anywhere and everywhere, and why fights may break out between them. Giving a cat a cat condo singles out that space as their own territory where they may scratch and climb as they please, and encourages them to forgo their tendencies to hold territory elsewhere in the home. Contact Albany Pet Hotel for more information.

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