Two Basic Types Of Cargo Trailer

Trailers come in all sizes and types. They may be small u-hauls or large flat beds. When it comes to finding the right cargo trailer for your task, always be sure you know not only exactly what you plan to drag across the country from Independence KS to New York City, but also what type of trailer will perform best. To help you become an informed consumer, we have provided below a simple and informative guide.

Basic Trailer Types

Cargo trailers in Independence KS come in different types to suit diverse tasks. They may not only vary in size but also in hitch and options. As versatile haulers of goods and services, they address the requirements of many individuals and companies. Among the most basic types of cargo trailers, you will always find the following:

Enclosed Trailers: As the name indicates, this trailer is enclosed. It offers protection from the weather. This is an excellent vehicle for transporting livestock. It is ideal for carrying items that require protection from the elements. Enclosed trailers also make perfect storage units for on-site businesses. They can be locked up and left unattended when necessary

Flatbed Trailers: For those who are hauling machinery, hay and other similar items, the best type of cargo trailer is a flatbed trailer. It is possible to purchase one of two basic types:

  • Open trailer: This flatbed trailer has no sides
  • Partially open: This version has solid side walls. It allows debris to be restrained and can accommodate a tarpaulin in inclement weather

Finding a Cargo Trailer

If you plan to purchase a cargo trailer, make certain you understand exactly what type you require. It is of primary importance that the trailer matches the purpose. Let the weight and nature of the cargo; you plan to haul from Independence KS determine the type of trailer you get.

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