Should You Do Your Own Welding Metal Fabrication Work?

Should You Do Your Own Welding Metal Fabrication Work?

If you run a machine or welding shop, you may do a lot of different jobs for your customers. In fact, the fabrication business often requires more than one type of welding, cutting, or machining process, but this creates a problem. Should you do all of these jobs or is there a better solution for welding metal fabrication work?

Carbon Steel Welding

Does your business weld carbon steel? Carbon steel is one of the easiest metals to weld and it doesn’t take a lot of specialized equipment or skills. If your business concentrates on carbon steel welding, then it’s a good idea to invest in the best equipment and welders you can find.

Aluminum Welding

When you weld aluminum, you need special equipment and welders with experience. They must know which alloys are good for welding and which ones are best avoided. If your shop has MIG welders, they may not work well for aluminum and you’ll want to invest in TIG equipment for aluminum welding metal fabrication projects.

Do you plan on welding a lot of aluminum? If so, the additional equipment may justify the investment. However, when it’s only a part-time issue, you can hire a shop specializing in work like aluminum welding. This is the most cost effective choice.

Stainless Steel Welding

MIG welding works best for stainless steel, so should you do this work? It depends on how much stainless steel welding you need. Yet, there’s no need to worry about stainless steel when you find the right contract welding metal fabrication.


Does your shop have the latest CNC machines and technology? If so, you can create precision work with minimal effort and resources. However, smaller shops and businesses with limited budgets should consider contract manufacturing companies for highly accurate machining. These shops can perform other services like laser cutting, plasma cutting, and precision sawing.

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