Farmers Equipment: A Look At The Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SFH)

Farmers equipment in Lynden, WA is the topic of many a discussion both on and off the farm. They examine the merits of one piece over another, and rehash the failures of diverse models. At farm equipment shows, farmers turn up to scrutinize the equipment, including the ever evolving self-propelled forage harvester (SPFH).

What Is a SPFH?

The SFH is described simply as a step forwards in the development of the harvesting of silage. The evolutionary process began back in the 1920s. It has moved often slowly forwards as manufacturers and innovators worked on producing the ideal forage harvester. The SFH, also called the forager, the silage harvester or, more descriptively, the chopper, is a piece of farm equipment with the purpose of harvesting forage plants to produce silage.

In other words, the SFH is a giant plant shredder. It takes forage plants – including corn and grass, and chops them into small pieces before compacting them into a storage facility. This may be a silo, silage bags or even a silage bunker. Its basic technique involves

* The cutting of the forage from the ground

* The passage of the material through a conveyor onto the rollers of the feeding apparatus

* The rollers flatten the plant material before pushing it onto the shear plate

* The cutting mechanism of the shear plate cuts the forage into smaller pieces

* The “blowing” of the crop into a transport vehicle through a conveyor or similar device

Like other farmers equipment, the modern SFH is designed to improve the productivity for farmers. In Lynden, they recognize the capabilities of a high quality SFH to decrease operational costs while increasing uptime.

Farmers Equipment

For those in Lynden who have watched the evolution of diverse farmers equipment over the years, the actual development in capacity of the SFGH has indeed been a remarkable one. Technology continues to work in diverse ways to improve the overall lot of the farmers’ production capabilities.

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