Kubota KX121-3 Excavator: Powerful, Productive And Much More

May people and companies put their trust in Kubota. They offer an extensive line of products. All conform to the current strict requirements of the EPA. Among the popular models of compact excavators is the very popular, powerful and productive Kubota KX121-3. To an extent, it epitomizes what Kubota is continually offering its customers. To those in Bellingham who rely on such equipment, it represents everything a compact or mini excavator can do.

Powerful and Productive

Min-excavators are very popular among certain people. They are capable of performing tasks once left to larger machines. However, as Kubota continually proves, size does not matter when it comes to getting the job done. Their mini excavators pack significant power and performance capabilities into their small frame. In terms of size, the Kubota KX121-3 fits perfectly into the slot between large and small. In fact, some operators claim it is ideal for both big and small jobs, being neither too small for the one nor too big for the other.

How does it accomplish this? Kubota design and engineering provide this excavator with features that make it all possible including:

* Fuel efficiency

* A clean-running and low-vibration engine with much bigger horsepower

* Compliance with the Tier IV emissions standards

* The strongest bucket force within its category

* Foldable ROPS

* Smooth boom operation

* A hydraulic system with load sensing built-in

* A variable width undercarriage

All prove operationally beneficial.

The Kubota KX121-3

With the mini excavator KX121-3, Kubota provides operators with a machine that is powerful enough to do big jobs but also small enough to maneuver in tight corners and on irregular sites. In addition to these qualities, it offers more. Safety of the operators is at the fore as is their comfort. As is the case with all Kubota products, versatility, fuel efficiency and durability are key components in making sure in Bellingham; you choose a Kubota excavator over other brands.

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