Tips For Installing Dodge Bearings In Equipment

Tips For Installing Dodge Bearings In Equipment

In many Texas industries, Dodge Imperial and ISAF bearings are used in a wide range of different types of equipment, systems, and machines. Extremely durable and built to last, Baldor-Dodge bearings are seen as the go-to option for many applications.

Over time, and particularly in heavy duty or continual use types of applications, it will be necessary to replace the bearings. When this happens, there are a few simple steps to take to make quick work of the job.

All of the imperial Dodge bearings have an integral adapter. Installed screws are found on the lock plate, and these unique components allow easy removal of the adapter sleeve as needed.

First Steps

The first step in installing Dodge bearings, with the non-expansion bearing installed first, is to remove the lock plate by turning the screws counter clockwise. This releases the bearing and allows it is slide on the shaft. Always take the time to verify the shaft is straight and free from any debris or material and is the size required for the system.

Rotate the locknut counterclockwise by hand while keeping the adapter sleeve in place, typically one or two turns. This creates additional space for the adaptor sleeve to slide easily over the shaft.

Mounting the Bearing

Slide the bearing on the shaft to the desired location. This should be easy to do and should not require any force. If there is resistance, rotate the locknut another one to two turns and try again.

Once in place, tighten the locknut by hand to pull the sleeve into full contact with the shaft. This will take several turns by hand to find the zero-reference point. Mark on the fact of the locknut where the adaptor sleeve is positioned at the zero reference point. Use the instruction manual to find the correct rotation of the locknut using a spanner and hammer.

Once correctly adjusted, replace the lock plate and the screws, and then bolt the pillow block in place.

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