Crosby Turnbuckles – Effective Tension Adjustment and Turnbuckle Options

A turnbuckle device is used to change the tension of wires, rods, and ropes. A particular feature of this device that is positioned at its end is called a threaded eye. When the frame which is located at the center of the eyebolts is turned, the tension is adjusted. This action is routinely performed with Crosby turnbuckles.

Method of Turning the Frame

A turnbuckle, through the method of turning the frame, can have its tension adjusted without the need to disassemble the complete configuration or the requirement to turn the eyebolts. Crosby turnbuckle devices utilize this method which increases or decreases wire rope tension.

It is recommended to contact a company with significant experience in the industry if you are intending to purchase and use one of these Crosby turnbuckles. The company should have an ISO 9001:2008 certification and deliver high quality products.

Some of the various types of turnbuckles on the market with specific configurations of interest include:

Hook Turnbuckle

This turnbuckle, with a hook on one or both ends, is used in situations in which the string or rope will likely not slip. Attachment to the end of the device can be quickly done due to its hook shape.

Eye Turnbuckle

This turnbuckle has an eyeball on one or both sides of the device is used when the possibility exists of the rope string slipping off.

Jaw Turnbuckle

This device has a U-shaped connector on one side. It is useful when slippage with the anchor of the roof is a possibility. The turnbuckle stops the tension from slipping.

More Turnbuckle Information

In your search for a Crosby turnbuckle, you may be able to find a large amount of product information located on the website of the rigging supply company that is selling these products. From this information, you can help determine the types of products you need to fulfill the requirements of your application.

If you are in the market to apply Crosby turnbuckles to any of your projects or applications, contact a reliable and experienced rigging product and hardware supplier today to find out about your available options.

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