An Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro Will Help Slip and Fall Victims

An Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro Will Help Slip and Fall Victims

Maryland personal injury and premises liability claims seek to prove that the property owner is responsible for a victim’s injuries, but the owners are not at fault in every case. When people are injured on a Maryland property and wonder whether they can sue the owner, the information in this guide may help.

Finding the Basis for Slip and Fall Cases

A premises liability case may arise from an issue at a commercial property or private residence. In the state of Maryland, liability is associated with the property owner’s neglectful behavior, which may include:

• Improper depth markings on a swimming pool

• Crumbling or cracked sidewalks that cause people to fall

• Stairs that are missing handrails or are otherwise broken

• Electric shock due to wiring exposure

• Toxic mold that causes illness

• Poor lighting in parking areas

It is up to the Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro to prove the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and simply failed to resolve it. This is slightly different from personal injury litigation because a problem with the property, rather than an individual, caused the victim’s injuries.

Establishing Liability: Who’s Responsible for the Injury, and Who Determines Fault?

Liability for a slip and fall injury may only be established by Maryland juries or judges. Their responsibility is to rule on whether the property owner’s negligence caused the accident and the injury. An Accident Lawyer in Upper Marlboro must prove the owner failed to maintain the premises in a safe, reasonable way. The judge or jury will determine whether the owner knew about the problem and had sufficient time to resolve the issue.

Find an Experienced Injury Lawyer

Premises liability cases are very complex, and no two are alike. The Jaklitsch Law Group has a team of experienced lawyers who can assess cases to determine the likelihood of a favorable outcome. The firm has worked with hundreds of families across Maryland to help them get the compensation they need, whether the case is based on personal injury, wrongful death, or premises liability. When victims wonder whether the law is truly on their side, they can call the firm for help.

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