Custom Plastic Molding – Application, Process and More

Custom Plastic Molding – Application, Process and More

The optimal way to add any type of solid material into the plastic of an item is through the process of custom plastic molding. Some items are standard and others are custom in nature. However the majority of custom designs can be produced through an experienced plastic molding injection company.


The process of custom plastic injection molding is most frequent use way to produce plastic pieces in industrial manufacturing applications. It is also used to create items in the automotive industry and household item industry. Plastic injection molding allows the customer to have a mold for a process that can be used over and over again. After the mold is developed and paid for, it can be used consistently to create a product. This allows for significant savings of material labor costs over time.

The Process

The process of custom plastic molding can be a complicated one. It starts with the design and project specifications that include loadbearing limits, size, and temperature requirements. When the manufacturer understands what the mold is to be used for, the process of manufacturing can move forward. In certain cases a prototype is manufactured before the final mold is developed. In other cases, the mold is manufactured quickly to the exact specifications provided. Either way, the last step in the process is the testing of the mold to ensure it meets the requirements outlined by the customer.

Mixing Products

Utilizing the correct manufacturing processes, plastic can be injected with a number of different types of materials. Depending on the product’s requirements, companies may utilize a flexible material such as nylon or a strong material such as metal. The type of material will depend on the requirement for strength and durability. Molds can be created with varying textures depending on the customer’s preferences. Custom plastic molding takes into account various textures, thicknesses, weights, and the specific.

Once the injection mold is constructed, it can be used over and over again. Molds also come with manufacturer’s warranties to ensure they can be fixed if defects ever occur within a certain period of time covered by the warranty. However, high quality molds have a tendency to continue through the manufacturing lifecycle of the product.

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