Welding Services: Structural Welding

Welding Services: Structural Welding

Fabrication companies provide employment to a variety of welders. They offer welding services that range from the simple joining of joints to repair work of structural components. For specific welding jobs, companies may require the services of a structural welder.

What Are Structural Welders?

Structural welders focus on designing, erecting and repairing components that form segments of a framework or architectural structure. They are capable of doing everything from fabricating the diverse parts to assembling and joining them in the field. They offer a specialized service, working with a variety of welding equipment to achieve this ultimate goal.

Necessary skills for structural welders include:

Ability to use a variety of welding equipment

Capable of comprehensive knowledge of structural components and the materials comprising them

Can read blueprints

Understand technical drawings

Comprehend the specifications

Can work on the construction site as easily as they can operate in a fabrication shop

Structural welders know the Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) inside and out.

Beyond these welding services, a structural welder must be able to handle three related phases of their employment:

1. Preparation for The Job: This includes close and thorough examination of the equipment for job readiness and safety
2. Welding: Actually performing the functions required effectively, efficiently and correctly in and out of a fabrication shop
3. Post-Welding: Making sure to follow the right protocol as well as coming back for any repairs or alterations requested

These actions combine to make a welder an excellent candidate for diverse structural welding jobs.

Welding Services

From robotic to MIG and TIG, welding offers a variety of options. Welders know their craft. They understand which methods work with what metals and other materials. Their experience heightens their qualifications to ensure a fabrication shop can offer a variety of welding services to their customers, including structural welding, creating a solid and reliable basis for success in a highly competitive global marketplace.

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