Seek Compensation Advice from Personal Injury Lawyers in Brockton

There are many instances in which you can seek damages if you have been injured. Personal injury laws in Massachusetts can apply to car accidents, slip and fall injuries on someone else’s property, or dog bites. If you have been injured in an accident or due to someone’s negligence, you can seek financial damages. These deal with medical expenses, loss of income, and more. You may also seek damages for pain and suffering.

Comparative Fault

Personal injury laws vary from state-to-state and in Massachusetts, personal injury lawyers in Brockton can help you seek compensation for an accident in which you’ve been involved. The person who was at fault may have to pay for your expenses and pain and suffering, but the law also considers comparative fault. This means if you somehow contributed to the accident, the compensation can be reduced by how much you contributed to the accident.

Compensation Reductions

No matter the type of incident in which you’re involved, you should consult with personal injury lawyers from The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC to determine if you have a case for compensation. They can go over the incident with you and help determine if you contributed to it in any way.

For instance, if you slipped on a wet spot in a store and were injured, the store may have to pay compensation to you. However, if you were distracted and didn’t see the wet floor sign, then your compensation may be reduced if it was determined there was comparative fault for the accident. If you were found 25% at fault for an accident, then your compensation can be reduced by that amount.

You shouldn’t try to deal with the insurance companies on your own after an accident, but seek advice from personal injury lawyers so you receive the compensation you deserve.

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