Top Reasons to Use a Disability Lawyer for Your Case

Top Reasons to Use a Disability Lawyer for Your Case

If you’re like most people, you dream of a time when you don’t have to work and are still paid retirement benefits. But sometimes things happen that scotch these dreams. You may, for example, get sick or hurt and suddenly find yourself unable to work. If this situation describes you, one of your best options is to hire a disability lawyer to assist you. Here’s why.

Help With Initial Filing
The initial filing process for disability insurance is cumbersome. You have to provide information about your condition, family, work history and all the doctors you’ve been seeing. When you have a good disability lawyer in Winfield, he can ensure that you fill the claims forms out accurately so your case goes through. And when you have to submit additional paperwork when you appeal, his office will make sure the right contact gets the information at the Social Security Administration office.

Your disability lawyer knows the entire process of filing for disability. And because he’s probably worked with other cases like yours, he can make periodic suggestions to strengthen your case. One suggestion may, for example, be that you get an additional form filled out at your doctor’s office to update your chronic asthma condition.

Help Even If You’ve Been Denied
Even if you’ve lost a previous disability case, a disability lawyer from Winfield can take the case over. And if you’ve appealed the decision before the deadline, he may be able to keep the same case open. This will keep your potential income the same when your new attorney wins your case.

Hearing Advocate
Having a disability lawyer Winfield residents trust, is a huge asset. For one thing, he can argue your case before the judge or against anyone the judge appoints that suggests that there are jobs you could perform.

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