By Knowing When to Call for Water Heater Service Oxford MI Homeowners Can Avoid More Costly Damage

With winter approaching quicker than anyone wants to admit it’s time for homeowners to pay some extra attention to their hot water heaters. A constant and consistent supply of hot water are one of the most enjoyable amenities of modern life, and winter is the worst time to discover that the old water heater providing a household with this comfort and convenience is on its last leg. By keeping an eye out for signs that it requires Water Heater Service Oxford MI homeowners can avoid that unpleasant unanticipated cold shower that results from malfunction.

First, check the quality of the water coming out of the tap. Does it have any discoloration? If so there may be mineral deposits building up in the heater that will eventually cause it to fail. What about the temperature and duration of heat? Older water heaters are sometimes ill-equipped to provide for the needs of modern families, whose water consumption is higher than in years past. If the temperature does not rise to the desired level, it may be as simple as repairing or replacing the thermostat, but if insufficient hot water is being produced it may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a heater with a larger tank.

Next, evaluate the water heater itself. Any leaks are an obvious sign that repairs are necessary, but there are more subtle signs to look for as well. Strange sounds coming from the tank are often caused by mineral buildup as well, as chunks of sediment come off the sides and bang around, leading to more damage. Grumbling or clanking noises coming from the heater can often be noted well before any leaks or noticeable lack of hot water occur. By calling a contractor before the tank begins to leak for necessary Water Heater Service in Oxford MI residents can avoid further damage caused by flooding and ensure that their families will not be without hot water when the temperature begins to drop.

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