In a Culture of Buy New, Buy Cheap, Finding Used Items in Antique Shops in Seattle WA is Infinitely Rewarding

The streets were aligned with trash following the wake of hurricane Matthew that hit the coast of Florida in 2016. Many of these items were wet and saturated, but many items were not. The sobering mixture of perfectly good items that were not salvaged for whatever reason is a steady reminder of the American culture. It’s just easier to unload it. It’s easier to buy it new and buy it cheap.

Buying used is rewarding. It manages to circumvent the constant need for new that permeates American culture. The odd thing is that many people who just buy something new still strive for an affordable price. They want it cheap, which encourages companies to make the products cheaply. The cycle continues, and it begins with a desire for consumers to get something brand new.

The fact that this demand for brand new items is high also forces companies to make the items as cheaply as possible. This diminishes quality, obviously, but it also neuters creativity. Any creativity used to make these products is put towards keeping it cheap and not necessarily keeping it interesting.

Thankfully, a counter-culture of buying used and generational items is growing. Antique Shops in Seattle WA have an assortment of items that were passed down from generations or have been accumulated through deep digging. These items have character. They have a story to tell. The story can just as easily continue on. Millions of Floridians lost generational items that they cherished in the recent storm. It is a reminder of the importance of grabbing things with meaning and caring for them. If money is going to be spent, it should be for something that can carry some meaning in the family.

Antique Shops in Seattle WA are filled to the brim with used items that can continue to weave a daring and enthralling story for a family. It also helps work against the culture of rarely recycling and always buying new items that are inevitably cookie-cutter. It may be familiar and it may be safe. But, it hardly lasts and it lacks character. Click Here for more information on the antiques available any given day.

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