Questions and Answers About Wellness Care At A Pet Clinic In Alexandria

Questions and Answers About Wellness Care At A Pet Clinic In Alexandria

Many people who have animals don’t realize the importance of veterinary care through all stages of an animal’s life. Young animals, mature adults, and senior pets all need the kind of care that’s done by a veterinarian. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about the services that are provided for animals in any age group at a pet clinic in Alexandria.

What kind of veterinary care is required for new puppies and kittens?

When a puppy or kitten is eight weeks old, they can safely be weaned from the mother and adopted into their new home. Pet owners should take their puppy or kitten to the vet as soon as possible or within the first week they’re in the home. It’s very important to have the vet check the animal for fleas and administer a flea medication if necessary.

Why is it necessary for adult dogs and cats to be examined by a veterinarian?

It’s recommended that mature cats and dogs up to seven years of age be seen by a vet once every year for a wellness exam. In addition to a complete physical, adult dogs are tested for heartworms. When a dog has heartworms, treatment must begin immediately as this condition can be fatal.

Booster shots are also administered to adult dogs and cats at regular intervals. Pet owners may also need to bring a stool sample from their pet to the vet clinic so the veterinarian can run a test for internal parasites.

How often should senior dogs and cats visit the vet clinic for a wellness exam?

As dogs and cats age, they’re susceptible to additional health problems. For this reason, it’s recommended that cats and dogs over seven years of age have a checkup twice a year.

At this age, additional tests are often done to monitor the function of a pet’s kidneys, thyroid, and liver. Depending on the results of the wellness examination, a veterinarian who works at a Pet Clinic in Alexandria may order supplementary tests as well.

Pet owners in Alexandria who want exceptional care for their animals can visit Hayfield Animal Hospital. This clinic provides various pet services including wellness exams, dental care, spaying, neutering, microchipping, and grooming.

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