Shipping to Hawaii Can Be Economized by Taking Advantage of LCL Loads

Shipping to Hawaii Can Be Economized by Taking Advantage of LCL Loads

You can save money on your logistics costs when you take advantage of less than container or LCL loads. You can consolidate freight into pre-booked containers before shipment. LCL itself is a common term in the logistics industry.

How an LCL Shipment Works

LCL is used to describe a freight service that is set up for shipping crated, palletized or boxed loads that fill a 20 foot or 40 foot container. When you ship LCL, you only pay for the container space that is used. LCL cargo rates are determined by the cubic foot or meter, or by the volume.

Pay Only for the Space You Use

If you want to lower your costs for shipping to Hawaii, you should take advantage of LCL freight forwarding. Again, you only pay for the space you use, thereby reducing the costs. The transport time is the same as shipping a full ocean freight container.

Therefore, if you are shipping by sea, LCL will keep your costs down and allow you to ship smaller loads. While LCL originally referred to transport by the ocean, it can also be used for transport by air or land. If you are a small- or medium-sized enterprise, you will want to take advantage of LCL transport. Smaller businesses often do not have enough items to include in a full load. Therefore, LCL is an advantageous choice.

Meet Your Delivery Schedules

Some businesses cannot wait to have a load shipped at a lower price. Otherwise, they would miss their delivery deadlines. As a result, businesses like the flexibility of shipping via LCL. In addition, when you ship items by sea, the vessels run at a faster rate. In fact, the transit time for an LCL shipment is faster than other types of deliveries. Consolidators normally select ships that take a direct route or have fewer stops.

Who to Contact about LCL Transit Services

If you want to know more about this type of transit service, discuss your shipping needs with a company such as Landmark Logistics Corporation. If you are a smaller business, you will enjoy the savings you will realize by taking advantage of the LCL transport.

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