3 Things You Need to Know About Your Car’s Motor Oil

Motor oil is such a common substance that most of us think very little about it. However, if you own or drive a vehicle that requires it, there are a handful of facts you need to know to keep your car in peak condition.

When to Change Your Oil

Getting an oil change is an important part of vehicle maintenance. It will help to keep your engine running cooler and smoother, and remove harmful particulate buildup known as sludge. Most vehicles should have their oil changed every three months or three thousand miles. Consult your car’s manual or your local mechanic for more information about when to change your oil next.

How – and How Often – to Check the Oil Level

Your car will likely need oil top-offs between routine changes. In order to determine your current oil level, park your car on level ground and beware of any potential hot spots beneath the hood if you’ve been running the engine very recently. Using the metal dipstick under your engine’s hood, check your oil level by inserting the stick into the tube and pushing it all the way in. Pull back, check for a proper oil level reading and gauge the amount of oil you do or do not need to use based on this indication.

What Type of Oil Your Car Requires

There are several types of motor oil, and knowing which type your car’s engine requires or would benefit most from is yet another fact you need to understand to maintain your car properly. While many models require synthetic motor oil, many others do not. Your mechanic may recommend this type of oil regardless, but you don’t have to let yourself be sold on something you don’t need. Consult a professional for more information about what kind of oil your car should be given, and whether you truly need a synthetic or not.

Searching for an oil change in the Grand Prairie, TX area? Contact your local garage for a quick and efficient change that will have you back on the road in no time.

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